Why I started my fitness journey

If you told me back in 2019 that I would be sitting here writing a blog post for my online coaching and personal training website, I would have laughed. I was someone that was never interested in fitness but simply fell in love with it by accident! Here is how it went:

5 years old-22 years old

From a young age, my parents enrolled me into dance classes. I was never a sporty child so I began exercising through Irish Dancing. After a few years of this, I then dipped my toe into hip-hop, contemporary, jazz and other styles. Dancing was, and still is, a true passion of mine. I loved being on stage, performing in shows, dance camps and all the weekly classes. It brought me a lot of confidence as a young girl. From this, I took part in dance classes in college but then stopped around aged 21/22 due to college commitments

22-26 years old

During this time period, it was safe to say exercising and overall activity levels were non existent. Sure, there was the odd walk here and then but I didn’t go to any gyms, dance classes or even a run. I simply let college, then work, overtake most of time.

26 years- now

In July 2019, whilst living in Australia, I consider myself influenced by their culture. Australian’s are very much about having a positive and active lifestyle and I suppose it was starting to make me think ‘Should I start exercising?’. So, I joined a local circuit based gym that incorporated weight training and boxing. I signed up for a trial and loved it. Then after a week of not being able to walk due to DOMS (Delayed On-Set Muscle Soreness), I decided to go back and from then, I trained 5-6 times a week. It simply became addictive in the best possible way. For years, I never knew why I decided to travel to Australia, why Australia of all places in the world. Now, as I’m writing this, I feel like I realised that everything does happen for a reason and my reason to choose Australia was to discover my new love- fitness.

In October 2019, the thought of becoming a Personal Trainer started to ponder in my mind. I kept thinking about it every day for the rest of 2019 and thinking how I could help people who were feeling as nervous and unsure about fitness as I was. 

In May 2020, in the middle of feeling down due to the pandemic and return to Ireland, I decided to follow that dream and study personal training. I never thought I’d ever study anything after completing my Bachelor’s Degree in 2016. This time, it felt different, I loved what I was learning and was so enthusiastic about studying. I knew I was making the right decision.

Now, here I am writing to you the reader, on my website. My journey has had its ups and downs but now, I am in a position to help you. I can help transform your mindset, achieve your goals and make you feel the confidence you deserve to feel each day.

Your journey could begin, right now. Just make the first step in your journey!

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