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8 week Training Programmes

Introducing, our 8 week training programmes

8 week programmes designed to help you on your fitness journey!

What are they?

I have designed three 8 week in-app training programmes for females who are looking to get focused on their fitness journey.


Who are they suited for?

These programmes are suited for any females who are looking to get started on their fitness journey. If you are looking to begin your journey to feel strong & empowered through fitness, this is for you.


These are based off an intermediate level of fitness. However, if you’re a beginner and feel up for a challenge, let’s do it!


All programmes are a 4 day split.

If you have also considered 1:1 online coaching but was unsure if it was for you, this is a small taster!

Self Grow

8 week gym based training programme

Self Impact

8 week home based training programme

Self Power

8 week gym/home based training programme

What’s included in all programmes:


• Access to Selffit Coaching app

• Tailored calories and macros for your goals ( no changes)

• In app 8-week resistance training gym programme with video & written demonstrations of exercises and option to track weights.

• Track and monitor progress with ability to log progress photos, measurements & weight.

• Access to a personal calendar and -scheduled workouts.

• ​Connection to My Fitness Pal, Apple watch or Fitbit.

• Access to App community

• PLUS FREE EBOOKS- Nutrition 101 handbook, supplement guide & weekly planner.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long do I have access to the programme?

A: Each programme is 8 weeks in duration. You will have access to the training programme and the app for 8 weeks. After this 8 weeks is complete, your account will be deactivated.

Q: Can I stay longer than 8 weeks?

A: Yes! If you’re enjoying the programme, you can purchase the programme again on the Selffit Coaching website to keep your account active.

Q: How often do I make payment

A: The current €89 cost is a once off payment- there is no subscriptions.

Q: Can I change my mind if I don’t use the programme?

A: There are no refunds offered as this is a service based product.


Q: Can I change some of the exercises if my gym or home doesn’t have some of the equipment?

A: Yes, all exercises can be modified to suit the equipment available to you. There are notes in some of the workouts which include possible modifications.

Q: I am going to train 2-3 days per week, can I change the programme to suit this?

A: All programmes are designed for 4 day training weeks (the 3 other days are rest days). However, if you wish to training 2-3 days, you can choose the workouts you wish to do per week if you wish to mix and match.


Q: Do I have to track while on using the programmes?

A: No, it is not compulsory to track calories/macros while using the programmes. Each person will get their calories/macros calculated within 48 hours of purchasing the programme. If you do not wish to see your calories/macros on the app, please email and she can remove this from your profile.

Q: Will my calories/macros change over the course of the 8 weeks?

A: No, the calories/macros will remain the same for 8 weeks. When you have purchased your programme, you will receive an email from Jess with a link to the ebooks and a poll where you can choose your goal. Based on your goal, you will be given your calories maintenance and also the new calorie goal. The calorie maintenance goal will be able to view in the app. Every individual will be given their calories maintenance and you can adjust your own macros accordingly on myfitnesspal.


Q: Do I have to update my progress?

A: This is totally up to you. In the app, you have the ability to track your progress photos, body measurements and/or weight if you wish. However, this is not a compulsory part of the programme.


Q: Are there any check-in’s included?

A: There is no coaching support or check-ins as part of these programmes. 

Q: Can I sign up for 1:1 coaching when the 8 weeks end?

A: Yes, if you enjoy the app and how the system works, you have the option of working directly with Jess through 1:1 Online Coaching where you can receive tailored support, guidance and encouragement to your goals.


Q: How does the community work?

A: Once you have purchased any of the training programmes, you will be added to the Selffit Community within the app! Here, you can engage with others, share your wins and maybe make some friends! When on your fitness journey, support from like-minded people can go such a long way!


Q: How many e-books will I receive?

A: When you purchase a training programme, you will receive an email which includes a link to a Google Drive folder where you can view your ebooks. There are 3 in total; Nutrition Handbook, Supplement Guide & a weekly planner.

Q: How long will I have access to them?

A: You will have access to the ebooks as long as the Google Drive link is live! Over time, these programmes may update and we may switch from using Google Drive. I highly recommend that you download each ebook to your own Google Drive to have access for life.


Q: When do I get access to the app?

A: Once you have purchased a programme you will get instant access to the app. Keep an eye on your emails as you will be invited to set up your account via email/when programme has been purchased.

Q: If I have another question, how can I get assistance?

A: Should the question you have not been included in the FAQ section, please contact Jess at for any support with the app.


These programmes are an investment in yourself. 

Invest in your health

Invest in your body

Invest in your mind


Do it for your future self!




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