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1:1 Online Coaching

My 1:1 online coaching packages with tailored exercise plans, nutritional advice, mindset development and check-ins (and chats!). The beauty of Online Coaching is in the accessibility. You can be anywhere in the world and we are here for you. By coaching online, it allows me to work with individuals and create a whole community of people- we truly are all in this together.  


Whether you are brand new to the gym, have a newfound interest in improving your fitness & nutrition or need some direction with your training methods, there is an online package for you.

What goals can I help with?

  • Photoshoot prep
  • Build strength and empowerment through fitness
  • Improve lifestyle & build sustainable habits
  • Gain confidence & feeling happier

All Online Coaching services are all based on 5 components: 

  • Accountability
  • Habit building
  • Education
  • Sustainable success
  • Enjoyment


Who do I work with?

I work with people who want to feel stronger, happier and confident in their bodies and mind. My mission is to create your best self through a unique and positive approach.

As a coach, I want to empower you to create, build and love your body. I am here to help people who might feel overwhelmed or stressed about their bodies & to transform their mindsets with a sustainable lifestyle.




All of my services are designed for clients who are committed, ready to make a change, & prepared to do what’s needed to achieve their goals. I have designed them with the goal to provide you with the most guidance and value as possible whilst being affordable and accessible worldwide.

Self Build
  • Minimum of 3 months, then ongoing membership

    Self Build

  • $ 100
  • This is our most popular service! Self Build is suitable for anyone looking for a lifestyle change, build fitness into their lives & feel confident and empowered!


    • Choose your goal: Lose body fat, gain muscle, reserve diet, maintain or improve lifestyle.
    • Weekly accountability & progress Check-in via a form with video feedback response.
    • Tailored Calorie & Macro Breakdown goal based on your body type, lifestyle & goal
    • 3,4 or 5-day strength training programme (can be tailored to the gym, home or a mixture of both).
    • Exclusive app access where your training programme & nutrition goal will be delivered.
    • Access to the Selffit Coaching Resource Hub filled with resources across mindset & nutrition.
    • Pre-recorded onboarding & setup video discussing how the coaching process works.
    • Access to a Selffit Coaching client support & resource group
    • Ability to track your myfitnesspal, Apple watch or Fitbit device to the training app for further accountability and tracking.
    • Support & Encouragement via app.
Self Performance 2.0
  • Minimum of 3 months, then ongoing membership

    Self Performance 2.0

  • $ 100
  • The Self Performance is a premium service for people who want to achieve a  photoshoot prep and require further support across a variety of health & fitness tracking capabilities. This service allows for an in-depth analysis of your health, fitness & physique development goals.



    • Tailored 4,5 or 6 day training split (and optional cardio prescriptions) (can be tailored to gym, home or a mixture of both)
    • Tailored Calorie & Macro Breakdown goal based on your body type, lifestyle & goal
    • Onboarding & setup video discussing how the coaching process works
    • Private folder with a variety of trackers health, fitness, mindset, nutrition & activity
    • Goal Setting tracker
    • Weekly accountability & progress check-ins via spreadsheet and video feedback response.
    • Support & Encouragement via Whatsapp 
    • Monthly 1:1 Video Calls for further in-depth goal analysis 

Not sure which service is right for you?


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