How to start your fitness journey

Over the recent years, fitness has evolved and grown in so many different ways. People are now partaking in different activities to improve their overall health both mentally and physically. Nowadays, the fitness industry has truly grown and a fitness community now exists on many online channels, including Instagram. With so much information out there, I wanted to create this article to provide my tips on starting your own fitness journey. Regardless of if you’re thinking of starting a new sport, readjusting your goal or want to improve you health, here are some things to help you.

1 Commitment

Make the commitment to yourself that you are doing this journey for you. Of course, you’ll have people along the way to help, guide and support you in the right directions. However, the only person standing between you and your goal is you.

2 Start small

If you feel your goal is too big or not achievable, just remember that nothing is impossible. Break your big goal into smaller bitesize goals. These could be daily, weekly or monthly goals. Every step is progress no matter how big or small that step is.

3 Plan

Having a plan in place, will help you stay focused and motivated towards your goal. Be it a training plan for the gym or perhaps establishing a routine, planning is key to staying focused on your goal and sticking to it.

4 Consistent and Accountable

In order to achieve your goal, you’ve got to show up to it. By setting a realistic routine or plan in place, this will help you stay consistent week on week. If you feel you need help with accountability, workout with a friend or work with a coach to help you stay on track and stay motivated.

5 Enjoy the process

This might be a given, but no matter what your sport, training plan or hobby consists of, make sure to enjoy it. As I previously mentioned, there are so many different ways to stay active and it’s about finding the one that you enjoy most and one that will help you towards your goals. The first step is always the scariest but enjoy each session and have fun!

If you’re looking to work with a coach, get in touch and I can help you set the foundation of your fitness journey through my services. 

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