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How to get back on track

Has the last month been busy for you?
Have you lost a sense of drive or fallen out of routine?
Are you feeling low energy & not yourself?

Let’s talk about getting back on track!

Start slow- don’t overwhelm yourself and create a brand new routine filled with so much habits. Take it day by day and start small if it’s getting out for a short walk every day, aiming for 2-3L of water etc. Your mindset is key when getting back on track and finding your rhythm so strive for progress in small amounts rather than perfection.
Don’t punish yourself- if you’ve been eating more calories that expected and that’s affecting your goal, don’t under-eat or do excessive training/cardio. Just start afresh, right now and think about the habits you had before.
Review your goals- Take a visit back to your goals that you set out, remind yourself what you are working towards and remember the person you are becoming to help bring clarity back to your ‘why’.
Start now- “I’ll wait until Monday, or next month or when I’m motivated”- if we keep waiting, we’ll procrastinate and then most likely, we’ll never do it. Start now to make the changes you need to.
Let it out- if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious about the fear of getting back or even the fear of change, let it out through journalling, a walk or even talking to a friend. Let the emotion out of your body in order for you to progress forward.

Are you looking for accountability & help towards your goals? Let me help you stay on track and together, we can work each day, each week towards the future you!

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