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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to our most asked questions!

I’m not sure what service I should choose!

 No matter what part of your fitness journey you are on, there is always a Selffit Coaching service to suit you & your goal. To find the right service for you, click HERE to fill in a short quiz! Alternatively, you can schedule a free consultation call HERE to chat to Jess about your goals & she will suggest possible service options!

Do you provide meal plans?

I do not create meal plans for lifestyle clients. The reason for this is they are not a sustainable approach to any fitness goal or lifestyle choice. Instead, I help clients understand the basic principles of nutrition and help them enjoy a more flexible approach to food by helping them understand they can eat the foods they enjoy, in moderation and still make progress.

How long is each service?

Each service is a minimum of a 3 month sign up. All services (except for group coaching) can be extended as more than 80% of clients that initially sign up for 3 months, usually continue their service. In order to achieve long term success, over the minimum 3 month period, we build sustainable habits leading to long term results.

How does it work?

In order to sign up, there are 3 short stages to identifying if we are a good fit for each other:


  1. Initial Assessment- I will provide an assessment to be filled in at a time that suits you. This assessment will be an opportunity for you to discuss your goals, current diet, activity levels and more. In order for me to help transform your body, I will then provide a strategic plan and package, designed individually for your body and your lifestyle.
  2. Free Consultation Call -Next, we will book a FREE Consultation. In this consultation, we will discuss your needs, your goals, lifestyle habits, your diet, and establish if we are a good fit to work together. I will provide actionable advice on how you can successfully progress and achieve more than you thought possible & can be through video or by phone call.
  3. Proposal- A proposal with the current services & pricing will be sent for your view. When you’re ready and have chosen a service that suits your and your lifestyle, your SELFFIT journey will begin and I will be here every step of the way.

How much does it cost?

Information regarding coaching services & prices will become available to a prospective client through a proposal after your free consultation call. It’s important to remember that Selffit Coaching is more than just a ‘plan’, this is a professional service & investment into your health & lifestyle.


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