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5 successful tips for returning to or for joining a gym

Due to the global pandemic, we have seen gyms across the world close and reopen several times. Here, in Ireland, gyms were closed for 5 months in 2021, which is a long period and I know with restrictions easing, it’s so normal to feel overwhelmed by it all.

So, I wanted to provide some advice to you, to help ease you back into the gym environment if you have yet to return! Or, if you’re a newbie to the gym, there tips are also perfect for you too!

1️⃣ Plan
I highly recommend having a plan in place when returning to the gym. Break down each session with the exercises you want to do, how many reps, sets etc. By having a plan in place, this will help keep you focused on your overall goal.

2️⃣ Take your time
For us Irish people, we have been without gym equipment and machines for the last5 months. The coming weeks, both mentally and physically, will be challenging (in a good way!). However, give yourself time to pick up where you left off, decrease weight if you have to and let the process happen.

3️⃣ Log progress
There is no time like right now to start tracking your progress. This might be tracking increases in weight, reps or even improving form. Take notes on your phone or in a notebook so you can look back overtime to make sure you are progressing.

4️⃣ Fuel
I know I’m not the only one who feels the cold and wet weather in Ireland affecting our overall mood and energy. Regardless of what time your train, make sure to fuel your body before and after your session. Give your body the extra care it needs to recover effectively.

5️⃣ Sleep
Although I won’t be sleeping with the excitement this coming Sunday night, try and make sleep a priority as it’s one of the best free recovery methods out there. Our bodies will be sore and tired as they adjust back into your gym routine.

Lastly, enjoy!!! Remember, we can be a masterpiece & a work in progress at the same time!

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